Arabia Mountain Sunset Engagement Photoshoot

Arabia Mountain Sunset Engagement Session

I’ve known Chris for a while and we actually used to work together! And so when he asked me to speak with his fiance, Andrea about their engagement photos I was super excited!! Andrea and I met up in Roswell at a coffee shop and discussed all about their destination wedding…. They’re getting married in Turks & Caicos this December!! I was soo excited for them! I shared with them my story and got to know their story a bit better. We scheduled the engagement photoshoot and waited for the day to come in March. The day came and we had to reschedule due to some calendar issues, so we rescheduled for some time in April; when that they came it was raininggggg!! Oh nooo a photographer’s nightmare! So we rescheduled again for two months out, in June…. Then as that weekend approched I checked the weather and it looked like — you guessed it — RAIN!!! I could cry!! We decided to go through with it anyways and hope for the best!! As it tuned out the rain held out until the very end of our shoot we were literally in front of our cars hugging goodbye and it started to POUR!! But i’m so thankful we were brave enough to go through with it despite the weather and end up with some amazing photos!!