Romantic Little River Farms Wedding in Atlanta, GA

Carly & Adam’s wedding was incredibly beautiful. They invited all their friends and family, near and far for this epic event to celebrate their romance and their choice to join and become one. Right off the bet I could tell that they were special. Just the fact that they had 10 bridesmaids AND 10 groomsmen show up, should tell you that they are very loved. Keeping 1 high school friend was hard enough for me, but not for Carly and Adam, their friends were there to support them the whole day and make sure everything went perfect! Every look and touch would express the love they felt for each other. As the day went by it grew with anticipation. First Carly had her first look with her Grandfather and then her Father, all of which was very intimate and emotional. Finally, Carly and Adam saw each other for the first time as bride and groom and it was breathtaking. We chose to do the first look in the ‘Piano Room’ (which is what I am calling it) at Little River Farms. This room is filled with windows for beautiful natural lighting and there is a gorgeous grand piano in the room. They saw each other, they hugged and kissed, and yes they slow danced a bit! The ceremony was amazing and the confettis at the end was a nice surprise for everyone! Everyone danced the night away and wished Carly & Adam the best life together.

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